Locintel collects real-time location and trip data of your vehicle, cargo or any other mobile asset


Locintel processes real-time tracking data and generates information needed for further analysis


Locintel generates business intelligence reports and decision support tools for fleet managers


Vehicle Monitoring

Vehicle Tracking Locintel

Tracking services allow businesses and individuals to monitor the location of their vehicles. These services included:
  • surveillance and monitoring drivers behavior
  • vehicle usage estimates and stolen vehicle tracking
With the use of our cloud based vehicle tracking software, Locintel is able to provide:
  • location and direction
  • speed of your vehicles in real-time
  • excessive idle time and ignition start/stop information
Locintel supports tracking in areas that are covered by:
  • local GSM networks including extended roaming partners’ networks
  • global tracking solutions using satellite communication

Cargo & shipment Tracking

Locintel offers cargo and shipment tracking. This service tracks assets such as:
  • containers and heavy industrial equipment
  • non-powered assets
This type of service utilizes tracking devices equipped with long lasting battery power unit.

Fleet Analysis and Reporting

Driver Performance/Behavior Analysis

Locintel provides a service that is able to set speed thresholds for your vehicles to ensure that drivers are complying with safe driving practices. Our systems can analyze the driver’s route and also detect when drivers deviate from assigned route. Additionally, this system can help confirm whether the driver arrived at each required stop. We retain all your data in our database warehouse for further historical inquiries, trending and analysis purposes.

Trip Analysis

Locintel systems can generate an electronic trip log which provides:
  • beginning and end of the trip information
  • the origin and the destination
  • the overall movement of the physical asset
  • the estimated mileage covered
  • the overall fuel consumption

Gas Consumption Analysis

As gas and fuel prices spiral upwards, reducing your fuel consumption and cost will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Locintel systems reporting tools will allow you to instantly monitor excessive idling, speeding and driver’s routes. You will be able to view current and historical data values. These pieces of information will help: reduce or eliminate hidden costs, detect theft and other suspicious activities.

Standard and Custom reporting

Locintel is willing to work with you and your business in order to generate various reports that best meet your business needs. Contact us at 717-814-8669 or email for further assistance.

Fleet Maintenance

Distance Driven/Engine Hours & Vehicle Maintenance Advisory System

Locintel will maintain your vehicles’ usage profile by:
  • calculating the overall distance travelled
  • reporting total engine hours
Also Locintel systems may improve your preventive maintenance adherence by sending you a notification when a vehicle in your fleet reaches a pre-determined Engine Hour or mileage interval. Additionally, we can update the profile with any fault codes directly detected from your vehicle’s on board diagnostic system.

Fleet Alerts

Incident Event Alert

Locintel systems can provide an incident report solution that would send an alert to notify you when:
  • vehicle exceeds maximum allowed speed
  • vehicle violate geo-fence rules
  • vehicle Idles excessively
Using the web portal, circle or rectangular shapes can be added to maps to indicate zones. The system can be set to alert customer when the vehicle enters and/or leaves a zone. Through this geo-fencing violation alert system, Locintel systems may send an email or text message alert when vehicle violates designated perimeter. Furthermore, Locintel systems may send your business an alert concerning trip delays.

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