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Intelligent solutions for your fleet operations

Data Acquisition

Tracking services allow businesses and individuals to monitor the location of their vehicles.
LOCINTEL tracking is a cloud based vehicle tracking software with 99.9% availability. Locintel service coverage extend to: local GSM network or satellite communication

Smart Analytics

Locintel Tracking Solution is built on a powerful data processing platform. We offer a complete access to the data collected and along with fully customizable dashboards, info graphics and comparative charts. We also offer more than 40 productivity reports for better fleet monitoring

AI & Automation

Locintel Tracking Solution provides an open API that allows integration with external system. We offer built in rule engine and event triggers that would allow your team to automate events, apply intelligent analysis and send notifications via SMS or instant messaging. We integrate with various AI and IOT ecosystems

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Robust Equipments

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Worldclass Software

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Intel and Notification

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