Truck tanker monitoring system

Fuel cistern goes online:

  • Precise measurement of fuel volume in each compartment, taking in account fuel type.
  • Monitoring of fueling and draining (discharging, delivery) in each compartment, including fuel theft
  • Fuel temperature monitoring in each compartment
  • Accurate measurement of fuel delivery volumes using flow meter, detection of data cheating attempts.

Truck is always connected:

  • Location and route tracking using GPS/GLONASS
  • Engine fuel consumption measurement, fuel usage by operation mode – idling, optimal, overload.
  • Measuring current fuel volume in truck’s tank, fill-up volumes and detecting fuel theft
  • Driver behavior profiling – acceleration, breaking, turning, speeding, inefficient or dangerous driving.
  • Engine health diagnostics (ECU malfunctions) and predictive technical maintenance of  wearing-out assemblies.